Starts at $35.00 per day
The i10 is the smallest offer in our Hyundai range of vehicles, but on high demand among budget customers due to its cost effective driving experience. It has a really cute exterior build that gives it a very compact look. Its small size and fuel efficient engine makes it the number one choice for running multiple rounds on busy city routes.
2012-2016 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $90.00 per day
A sleek and stylish sedan with bold exterior contours and exquisite interior leather finishing. The Honda Accord presents a stylish sophistication embodied by a luxury compact sedan.
2013-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $60.00 per day
The Honda Civic presents a beautiful blend of aggressive lines on the outside and refined features on the inside. Its stands out as the perfect build for business and leisure.
2014-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $70.00 per day
The Hyundai Elantra is designed to deliver on a simple premise: Drivers who want more out of their ride deserve better. The Elantra Sport boasts a more powerful turbo-charged engine, a performance suspension, bold exterior styling and unique interior features.
2014-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $90.00 per day
The Hyundai Sonata presents you a sleek elegance on the exterior and a stylish coziness on the interior. The ideal vehicle for business, the Hyundai Sonata offers comfort and safety in a feature rich performance package
2012-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $60.00 per day
The perfect vehicle for the busy person on a budget, the Kia Forte offers simplistic style combined with powerful safety, comfort and entertainment features to provide a seamless integration with the busy lifestyle.
2012 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $90.00 per day
The Toyota Camry embodies a sporty stylishness that is unrivalled by any of its peers. Its smooth exterior contours present and an elegant sportiness that adds another level of style.
2014-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $70.00 per day
The Toyota Corolla offers a sleek sporty new look with a sophisticated elegance that makes it stand out. It comes with a stylish interior loaded with many safety, accessibility, comfort and entertainment features.
2014-2016 Petrol Automatic Rent It

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