Starts at $35.00 per day
The i10 is the smallest offer in our Hyundai range of vehicles, but on high demand among budget customers due to its cost effective driving experience. It has a really cute exterior build that gives it a very compact look. Its small size and fuel efficient engine makes it the number one choice for running multiple rounds on busy city routes.
2012-2016 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $70.00 per day
The Hyundai Elantra is designed to deliver on a simple premise: Drivers who want more out of their ride deserve better. The Elantra Sport boasts a more powerful turbo-charged engine, a performance suspension, bold exterior styling and unique interior features.
2014-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $90.00 per day
The Hyundai Sonata presents you a sleek elegance on the exterior and a stylish coziness on the interior. The ideal vehicle for business, the Hyundai Sonata offers comfort and safety in a feature rich performance package
2013-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $100.00 per day
The perfect cross-over vehicle for the adventurous traveller, the Hyundai Santa Fe represents an intricate blend of stylish luxury and robust performance. It has an exquisitely styled interior offering unmatched comfort for driver and passengers alike.
2013-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $90.00 per day
The Hyundai Tucson presents the perfect compact crossover vehicle for business and leisure, with a robust build on the outside and a sleek stylish ergonomic feel on the inside. It is ideal for long distance and off-road terrains as well urban city trips. The Tucson has spacious room for both luggage and passengers, making it the ideal travel companion.
2013-2017 Petrol Automatic Rent It


Starts at $120.00 per day
No matter where you choose to go, Hyundai's H-1's robust exterior design provides the ideal comfort for modern travelling and offers driving dynamics in style with innovative features including powerful 16" alloy wheels that brilliantly enhance its spacious and grand appearance.
2016 Diesel Manual Rent It

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