Chauffeur Services

Chauffeur Services

Personal Chauffeurs:We have very experienced and well trained chauffeurs at your service to take you wherever you want while you relax in comfort. It is time to finish up with the presentation, send all those emails or get on to the phone a secure that contract while we worry about your safe transfer.

Delivery & Pick Up: We understand how time is really of essence to our customers, so why waste time pick a cab through the hassle and bustles of traffic to our garage to pick a vehicle and return same? We will deliver any vehicle to your doorstep and pick up from same to allow you enough time to prepare that presentation or luggage for that trip.

Luxury services: We have luxurious vehicles specially selected for our highly esteemed clients who want to enjoy luxury and be treated like Queens and Kings. An excellent chauffeur service designed to give you a taste of extra car comfort, with wine and champagne services while you enjoy your drive.

Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle Rentals

Self-Drive:Drive our beautiful cars by yourself and be the owner literally whiles it is in your custody. You don’t want a third party in the car with you and prefer some privacy, contact us for the cars assigned for self-drive purposes and we’d be glad to be of help. Terms and conditions apply.

Per Hour Service:This is a unique service designed for our customers who may not require a car for the whole day. If you require just a drop off at a meeting or may want to use a car for just a short period, we have this service just for you. Rent a car and pay an amount per hour use of the service to save you from paying for a full day when you don’t need it. Please call us for details on this service.

Staff Busing:This is a tailor-made service exclusive to each institution. We design the transportation of your staff to and from work according to your work schedule in order to attain productivity bearing in mind time management. Trust us to have a detailed plan to manage your routes with the buses perfectly and effectively.

Travel & Hospitality Services

Tour Ghana and the World: Ghana has a lovely feel of natural tourist sites that are a spectacle to behold. We have very wonderful and breathtaking natural waterfalls, forest reserves with different species of animals, beautiful and colourful beaches withprestine clarity of water along the coasts of the country, memorial forts and castles that remind us of the colonial days of slavery and other trades. You can also have a feel of our very unique traditional festival like: Homowo of the Gas, Adae Kese of the Ashantis, Hogbetsotso of the Ewes, enjoy the paragliding during easter at Kwahu and so many more. We would make your visit to Ghana worthwhile. Contact us for further details of the packages we have available.

Ticketing: Call our 24hr contact numbers to book a ticket to any part of the world at very competitive rates.

Suvad Transport & Tour delivered on their promise of an amazing travel experience on our holiday trip to Ghana...

Robert Ashong (USA)